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Verdicts and Settlements

Recent Florida Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

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Notable Verdicts and Settlements

R.K. v. Hospital & University


R.K. presented to the emergency department with signs and symptoms associated with Cauda Equina Syndrome. After being improperly evaluated by a physician assistant student, R.K. was discharged with instructions for bed rest. A subsequent hospital admission resulted in an immediate diagnosis of Cauda Equina Syndrome followed by emergency surgery. Due to the delay in diagnosis and surgery, R.K. suffers with permanent injuries associated with Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Nicole C. v. Sergio Foschini


Nicole C. was a college student who was involved in a collision with Mr. Foschini on I-75. Within one week after the accident, Mr. Foschini's insurance company tendered the limits of Mr. Foschini's policy limits. Nicole C. returned to school at the beginning of the next semester.

Estate of Charles G. v. Dentist


Charles G. was a 92 year old man who underwent dental work. During a procedure, the dentist dropped a dental tool down the throat of Charles G., which was aspirated into his lung ultimately causing death. Limitations in Florida's Wrongful Death Statute caused other firms to reject the case. The case was filed as a survival action by the firm permitting recovery.

Amber Frappier v. James W. Phillips, M.D.

$1,020,530.90 - Trial Verdict

Amber Frappier suffered significant physical and emotional injuries as the result of a botched plastic surgery which was performed by Dr. Phillips at The Florida Center For Cosmetic Surgery.

Michele Kraft v. S. Mehta

$100,000.00 - Settlement for Insurance Policy Limits

Ms. Kraft was involved in a vehicular accident and sustained an aggravation of pre-existing orthopedic injuries. In addition to the settlement stated above, an additional claim is being pursued against Ms. Kraft’s own insurance company for benefits pursuant to her underinsured motorist policy.

Margaret D. v. Cruise Ship Line**

$105,000.00 - Settlement

Margaret D. was a passenger on a well known cruise line. One of the ports of call was the cruise line’s private island resort. While on the island, Ms. D fell off a hammock when the s-ring securing the hammock failed. As a result, Ms. D. suffered an injury to her non-dominate shoulder. The cruise line denied any liability as the island was owned and operated by another company not affiliated with the cruise line.

Edward Olguin, M.D. & Elizabeth Olguin v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company

$750,000.00 - Settlement for Insurance Policy Limits

Edward Olguin, M.D., was the victim of a hit and run accident while riding his bicycle. As a result of the accident, Dr. Olguin required spinal surgery with the installation of a metal plate in his spine. After Dr. Olguin’s claim was initially denied, we filed an action seeking compensation for his injuries pursuant to his uninsured motorist insurance policy. During the course of litigation, State Farm Insurance Company agreed to tender the Dr. Olguin’s entire policy limits in settlement of the claim.

Client** v. Hospital**

$1,250,000.00 - Settlement

Our client suffered a herniated disc while playing volleyball. After diagnosing the Client with an injury to the nerves at the base of his spine (Cauda Equina Syndrome), the physicians caring for the Client failed to perform surgery in a timely fashion resulting in permanent injuries.

Karen Kressler v. A. Tullo, L. Raffone & Insurance Company**

$150,000.00 - Combined Settlement

Karen Kressler was involved in two separate accidents within a six month period. As a result of both accidents, Ms. Kresler aggravated preexisting injuries to her neck and back, and suffered a torn retina in her eye which required surgery. The settlement was a combination of payments from one of the Defendant’s insurance company, and a payment from Ms. Kresler’s uninsured motorist policy.

Adalgisa V. v. Laser Surgery Center

$250,000.00 - Settlement

Andalgisa V. underwent Lasix surgery and suffered a deterioration of her eyesight following the surgery. It was alleged that Andalgisa V. was not a candidate for the procedure, and the surgery negatively affected her already compromised vision.

Client** v. Pain Center** & Physician**

$1,500,000.00 - Combined Settlement

Client. underwent an elective surgery for the purpose of alleviating his on-going lower back pain related to prior injuries. The surgical technique utilized a hypertonic saline solution which caused Client to suffer nerve damage known as arachnoiditis. Client suffered injuries including unnecessary pain, impotence, incontinence and foot drop.

Betty G. v. Hospital**

$275,000.00 - Pre-litigation Settlement

Betty G. was an 85 year old widow who was admitted to the hospital for surgical revision of a prior hip replacement. Following surgery, Ms. G. developed a blood clot in her leg that was not immediately noticed by the nursing staff. It was alleged that the delay in diagnosing the blood clot contributed to cause the need to perform a below the knee amputation.

Erin A. v. Surgeon**

$250,000.00 - Settlement for Insurance Policy Limits

Erin A. underwent back surgery for injuries subsequent to a work related accident. Ms. A suffered additional back injuries when the surgeon misplaced surgical screws in her spine.

Teresa Rojo v. Julio Diaz-Jane, M.D.

$1,500,000.00 - Trial Verdict

Teresa Rojo suffered serious physical and emotional injuries as the result of a medically unnecessary hysterectomy.

Juan Evelio Pou v. Carlos Nazir, M.D.

$720,094.89 - Trial Verdict

Juan Pou suffered significant permanent injury related to a botched penile implant, and a subsequent unsuccessful revision surgery.

Client** v. Hospital**

$650,000.00 - Settlement

Client with a medical history of allergic reactions to terbutaline, was negligently administered terbutaline during pregnancy which resulted in the client developing a permanent seizure disorder.

Josie Miller v. Mario Nanes, M.D.

$1,394,000.00 - Trial Verdict

Ms. Miller was an 82 year old woman who underwent a laminectomy and developed a kyphotic deformity to her spine. The deformity goes untreated, and, as a result, Ms. Miller becomes a quadriplegic.

Claimant** v Nurse and Anesthesiologist**

Case settled for confidential amount.

58 year old female underwent a 12 hour ablation procedure. After she was extubated and while she was recovering from sedation post-operatively, she was dropped off the table because the nursing staff and anesthesiologist failed to secure the patient with appropriate safety straps.

Claimant** v. Neurosurgeon**

Case settled for policy limits

52 year old female underwent a kyphoplasty procedure. As a result of the malpositioning of the needle during the procedure, cement was injected into the patient’s thecal sac of her spine causing significant and permanent injury.

Minor** v. Shopowner/Dogowner**

Case settled for confidential amount.

2 year old minor female was violently attacked by a dog while a visitor at a local business. The injuries required emergency care,care by plastic surgeon and pediatric dentist.

Claimant** v. Hospital**

Case settled for confidential amount.

50 year old male was seen in the emergency room with complaints of testicular pain. He is administered narcotic medication and has a respiratory arrest and codes. He remains comatose and unresponsive and dies in the hospital.

Claimant** v. At fault driver**

The case settled for policy limits.

50 year old male was struck by a truck and sustained significant injuries to his lower back.

**Names excluded pursuant to confidentiality agreement preventing disclosures of the identities of the parties.

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